With an advanced technology combining ultrasound and automatic extrusion, the SP plant produces a variety of innovative, market leading products for its customers. The quality SP Metzer pipe prevents scale accumulation and clogging in the system and keeps the water clean. It also prevents oxygen penetration, and thus protects the heating system. It is manufactured in diameters 16-63 mm.

SP pipe section
IIlustration of the various pipe layers:
Metal layer
Inner rigid plastic protection layer on both sides
Outer wrapping layer on both sides

The pipe ID printed every meter along the pipe – pipe production date, precise time, production line number – allows to easily identify the new pipe. The pipe is also marked with different colors to indicate its intended use: blue for cold water, orange for hot water, red for underfloor heating, black for systems exposed to sun or radiation, white for radiators. All colors can be used for compressed air systems.